What We Do

    Rights at Work

    •  Employment rights
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    •  Trade Union rights
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    •  Collective bargaining right
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    •  Freelancers’ rights
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    •  Equality at Work
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    •  Author’s right
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    Press Freedom

    •  Media and Freedom of Expression Laws
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    •  Media monitoring
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    Media Ethics

    •  GPU Ethics and Disciplinary Committee
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    •  MCG
    • In December 2018, the GPU established the Media Council of The Gambia, a self-regulatory body that regulates editorial content across all media platforms. The establishment followed extensive multi- stakeholder consultations.
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    • MCG Constitution
    • Rules of Procedure


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    Legal Assistance

    • The GPU continues to support journalists and media practitioners in trouble with the law. In 2015, the GPU paid the legal fees of Alagie Abdoulie Ceesay to the tune of TWO HUNDRED and TEN DALASIS. We also contributed HUNDRED and SIXTY DALASIS as payment of legal fees for Musa Sheriff and Sainey M.K Marenah.
    • Beginning end of February 2020, the GPU will provide fee legal consultancy for members on issues relating to their rights at work.


    • Capacity Building
    • Capacity building has been the GPU’s main focus as majority of the practitioners are without formal education in journalism. We provide long-term and short-term professional development courses for journalists on a number of areas of specialisation: women’s rights, children’s rights, human rights, online, cyber security, layout, broadcast journalism, investigative journalism, community journalism, courts, freedom of expression, elections, public finance, transitional justice, conflict sensitive reporting, among others.
    • Between 2015 and 2019, the Union has organised estimated seventy building programmes, catering for all categories of journalists – print, broadcast and online.
    • Institutional Strengthening
    • Media literacy
    • The role and work of the media has been politicised and misrepresented in The Gambia. There is low public understanding and contribution towards media freedom and development. This year, the GPU will launch a media literacy programme aimed at raising public awareness and promoting the development of knowledge on media.
    • Community Media Sustainability
    • Community level journalism is prominent on the country’s media landscape. Community-owned radio stations are dotted across the country. It is mainly a rural and peri-urban phenomenon. There seems to be an explosion of community-based or community-owned online media outfits. These are the most important medium of mass communication at the grassroots and the GPU is committed to promoting the ideals of community media sustainability.
    • We have more than a decade of experience working on the promotion of community journalism. We have rolled out a number of tailored training programmes. Last year saw our efforts intensified as we host a national forum on community media sustainability. The plan is to scale up our campaign towards ensuring sustainability of community media outfits in terms of legislative and regulatory frameworks, improvement of skills, governance and provision of infrastructure. We are working closely with the community media advocacy group to enhance their organisation skills and competencies.
    • Investigative Journalism
    • Public Finance Reporting


    •  Media for Development
    • The GPU supports national and international development efforts by orienting and training as well as managing reporting grants on development issues.
    • The journalists are equipped with skills and oriented to give prominence and depth to issues of healthcare, education, business, public finance, corruption, among other development issues.
    •  The GPU currently has two reporting grants
    • Investigative Journalism
    • Public Finance Reporting


    •  Technical Support
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