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Gambia Press Union Receives 70 Press Jackets from US Embassy

Dec 2, 2021

The Gambia Press Union (GPU) has on December 2, 2021 received a donation of 70 press jackets from the United States Embassy in Banjul.

The jackets were delivered by Susan Solomon, the Public Affairs Officer of the US Embassy, to the President of the GPU, Muhammed S. Bah, at the GPU Secretariat in Fajara. 


Speaking at the handing over ceremony, US Embassy’s Public Affairs Officer said the Embassy is giving out the jackets to the GPU with the hope that it will help the work of journalist during and after the elections.

“The US Embassy recognises the role of journalists in ensuring credible election,” Susan Solomon said. She urges journalist to use the jackets during the elections and to be safe while carrying out their mandate.

GPU President Muhammed S. Bah thanked the US Embassy for their support towards enhancing the work of journalists in the country.

He said that press jackets are very important for identification purposes for journalist, especially during elections.

“We hope to see more support from the US Embassy, especially towards building the capacity of journalists,” Bah said while receiving the jackets on Wednesday.

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