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GPU Board, Staff Trained on Conflict and Crisis Management

May 8, 2020
By Mammy Saidykhan


The executive board and staff of the Gambia Press Union on Thursday, 8th May 2020, ended a two-day training on conflict and crisis management.

The training was designed to enhance the capacity of GPU leadership in mediating workplace conflict arising among its affiliate journalist associations and in the media, in general.

The 15-participant training at TANGO Conference Hall observed social distancing in the sitting arrangement, and in addition, face masks and sanitisers were provided.

The event was organised and funded as part of the Civil Society Fund of Denmark-funded project that the Union is co-implementing together with its Danish counterparts, Gambia Media Support (GAMES).

Lamin Jahateh, programme manager for the Union, said he considered the training as one of the most important trainings organised by the GPU for the fact that conflict is almost a constant feature wherever people of different backgrounds and worldviews meet.

But, he said, the presence of conflict is not a problem in itself.  It is how the conflict is managed that makes the difference hence the importance of a training on conflict management for people involve in mediation.

Yankuba Manjang, executive secretary of Peace Ambassador The Gambia, thanked the GPU for giving them the platform to fulfil their mandate of advocating for peace and training young people on peacebuilding.

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