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Budgeting On Microsoft Excel

Jul 24, 2020

The Union understands that to effectively develop journalists and media practitioners, it has to build the capacity of its staff and board members hence the need for bi-monthly trainings.

With the support of CISU Denmark and GAMES every two months, an in-house training is organized for the secretariat staff and board members.

The weaknesses of the staff are assessed and identified based on their line of work. A course is developed by an expert on that particular subject for immediate learning.

For the second training in 2020, we identified a knowledge gap in advanced excel and budgeting on excel. Some staff were not very well versed in excel thus wouldn’t do their budgeting on it which is the safest method.

And the board members who are in their final tenure wanted this as they plan to develop projects that the union can implement, hence the dire need for the training.

Board member Kebba Jeffang said the training will be helpful to them when reporting on budget stories and writing proposals. He said that it is ideal for everyone to understand basic excel because we can’t completely avoid it.

Jeffang thanked the secretariat staff for putting together a well organized training and also the trainer for such an interactive training.

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