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Review, Validation and Adoption of GPU’s Advocacy and Communications Strategies.

Jul 3, 2020
By Therese Gomez


The training was organized in partnership with CISU Denmark and GAMES. Both organisations are  helping create structures for the GPU. With a new government the political environment is different deeming it necessary to engage new policy makers on issues that still affect journalists.

The new advocacy and communications strategies will be a guide to all members of the union on how to engage relevant stake holders to create awareness on issues that not only affect journalists but their communities as thy continue the fight for democracy in the Gambia. Speaking at the review workshop, Pa Modou Faal said he was delighted the GPU developed tailor-made strategies that can help the board sharpen their advocacy skills.

“Advocacy is what the GPU is best known for as it has shown its strength in that time and time again. This strategy will help the members, affiliates and anyone wishing to support the union in its fight for democracy, freedom of expression and more,” he said. He also thanked the secretariat for the good job they have been doing. Lamin Jahateh Program Manager said a communications strategy can make or break an institution. He added “both strategies were created not just for the GPU secretariat to carry out its operations efficiently and effectively, but with its members and partners in mind. Capacity building and equipping all media partners is all our collective goals achieved faster”. The advocacy touches on how GPU can affect change with campaigns on issues that will not only garner them support but also further build their brand and relationship with stakeholders.

The communications strategy focused on how it can effectively be communicated with all stakeholders, from journalists to politicians to the citizenry. The staff, board and affiliates will go on to be trained on advocacy using the new strategy in the near future.

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