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Training on Project Design, Budgeting, Management & Implementation

Jul 10, 2020

The executive board and staff of Gambia Press Union GPU on Saturday, 4th July 2020, ended a three-day training on project design, budgeting and implementation.

The 15-participant training at TANGO Conference Hall observed social distancing in the sitting arrangement, and in addition, face masks and sanitizers were provided.

The event was organised and funded as part of the Civil Society Fund of Denmark-funded project that the Union is co-implementing together with its Danish counterparts, Gambia Media Support (GAMES).

Kebba Jeffang board member said that the training is important considering the timeliness of these projects.

“It’s significant that even when resources are in place if you fail on the management these projects and in its implementation stage, there is high likelihood that the project won’t be successful. So, it’s important to be trained on project management, budgeting and how to implement them effectively,” he said. Madi Jobarteh, trainer for the three-day highlighted on the advantages of the training especially on project planning.

“Better planning is an important tool for project planning. It helps in better execution of the project. It indicates the available resources and how to effectively utilize those resources.

The project budget is the financial road map of any organization,” he said. Mariatou Ngum board member in her closing remarks thanked the participants for their immense contributions to the training.

The objective of the project is to strengthen the Gambian media, including strengthening the institutional capacity of GPU, to play its ideal role in the country’s fragile democratic development and the transitional justice process.

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